I’ve been blessed to have lived my whole life in Heber, Utah, where I’ve worked as the Produce Manager of Smith’s for over 20 years. Our family loves to attend our county fair, rodeo, and demolition derby every summer with some 4-wheeler riding and hunting in between. In the winter we like to go on snowmobile rides, serve our community for the holidays, and snuggle by the fire place with cocoa and popcorn. My hometown is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States, just minutes away from multiple lakes, fishing spots, hiking trails, ski resorts, and all the best places to ride. Our family has always loved camping and the closeness we feel out in the mountains. There is something magical about getting out and away from every day stress, pollution, traffic, work, drama. What a gift we have to be so near to so many amazing spots that are just waiting to be explored. I am very excited to be able to help bring families closer together by giving them an affordable, convenient, and comfortable way to Get Out! ~Jonathan Holmes